Anna Pippin, MSHN

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​    Other areas that I can help you with are:​

  • learning more about the health benefits of a plant-based diet  

  • slowly transitioning to eating a more plant-based diet     

  • individualized weekly meal planning for yourself and your family based on your own food preferences

  • healthy baking and cooking tips

  • nutrition label education

  • help you set realistic weekly goals that are obtainable 

  • provide guidance and accountability while you work towards your own goals

Hello! I'm Anna Pippin, MSHN and I am a holistic nutritionist that specializes in plant-based eating. I have my Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition and a Certificate of Plant-Based Nutrition from T. Colin Campbell Center of Nutrition Studies and eCornell. I am also a graduate of the Forks Over Knives Plant-Based Home Chef Cooking Course. 

I believe one can heal from eating whole, nutritious plant-based foods, and it is my passion to help and support others on their own path to nutritional wellness.

Eating well doesn't have to be about restrictive diets that take the fun and enjoyment out of eating. I can help you achieve your health and/or weight loss goals by providing you with:

  • Weekly plant-based recipe ideas based on your own food likes and dislikes

  • Support you with accountability and encouragement

  • Be a listening ear

  • Offer motivational support

  • Provide you with nutritional information that you need

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July 25, 2021 - Are you ever unsure about which type of bread to buy? Are you confused by reading the labels and whether the ingredients are whole or refined? What do whole grains and refined grains even mean? Is one better than the other? Read this week's newsletter to learn more about what kind of breads are the most nutritious and for recommendations!


My Weekly Recipe Submission to the Community Care of Lyme, Monday's Menu

 July 26, 2021 - Blueberry season is upon us and these sweet and nutritious berries are a delicious superfood! Blueberries are anti-inflammatory, loaded with nutrients, very high in antioxidants, high in potassium and vitamin C, and are shown to lower your risk of heart disease and cancer. This Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl is a refreshing and filling breakfast, sprinkled with your favorite toppings, like fresh fruit, dried fruit, granola, nuts, or seeds!

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